Welcome to Christ Church

This beautiful church stands at the heart of a caring community of faith. Since 1705, the young, the old, the spiritually hungry, and those seeking fulfillment have come here to bring their lives to the altar of God. We invite you to enter the historic doors of Christ Church and join with those who seek a closer relationship with God. Jesus calls us: “Come through these doors and find rest for your souls.”  We hope that you will come, hear beautiful music, challenging sermons, and discover this special community where there is a place for you. Thank you for your visit to this site.   

We hope to see you sometime soon.

Sunday Worship Schedule

The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at two services on Sunday mornings:  

8:00 am (spoken)

10:00 am (with Choir)

Our 10:00 am service is live-streamed.  

To connect to this service, click on the link below.

10:00 am Live-Stream Service