Grants Committee

Our worship inspires us towards three chosen missions: teaching the Christian Faith, caring for one another, and reaching beyond ourselves generously.


We seek to provide support to organizations for which we will make a significant impact, therefore we encourage such organizations to apply for a grant. We take the verification of charitable organizations very seriously, and have a formal application process for requests over $2000.  A grant will not be awarded without your application.

  1. The consideration of requests will take into account the mission of the organization. Support of basic human needs will receive the highest priority.
  2. The Committee's annual budget will be allocated among domestic and international organizations and institutions.
  3. The priority in which requests are considered is:  (a)  Episcopal/Anglican; (b) Christian (c) Other faiths and/or secular organizations

Click here to download  a grant application for requests of $2,000 or more.   Please complete and either mail or email the application back to Christ Church at


Due dates for applications

There is no formal due date for grant applications. Christ Church welcomes your grant request at any time. However, the Outreach Grants Committee meets only once a year, in the Fall,  reviewing a "gathered field" of applications and formulating recommendations to the Vestry of Christ Church for grant awards, enabling the Vestry to distribute funds before year end.


Past Recipients

Representatives from past recipients are often invited to come to Christ Church to talk about their charity and to show how our grant has helped their organization.  These presentations include representatives from:

  • Family Service League (HIHI)
  • Fortune Society
  • St. Etienne's Church in Haiti
  • The Institute for the Healing of Memories
  • Episcopal Relief and Development
  • Youth and Family Counseling Agency
  • Camp DeWolfe (the Episcopal camp in Wading River)
  • El Hogar Ministries (Honduras)

If you would like to learn more about our Grants, please email the Parish Office at