Music at Christ Church

Music has always played an important role in the spiritual life of Christ Church. As early as 1844, parish records indicate that professional vocalists and instrumentalists were hired from New York City for special events. The current church building was completed in 1877, but was extensively rebuilt in 1925 at which time the two transepts were added. Then in 1995 the church was furnished with its present tiled floor and plaster walls, making it one of the finest acoustics spaces on the North Shore.                              
Christ Church features a celebrated Adult Choir, a lively Treble Choir, and a very fine custom built pipe organ.  Besides the beautiful music during our worship services, Christ Church offers many other musical offerings, hosting a variety of ensembles and performing organizations.  If you are interested in using our space please click here for rates and information.

For more information, phone (516) 922-6377 or email